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Consciencs Modulation - raseel

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September 11th, 2006

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10:56 am - Consciencs Modulation
What we know about TDM or Time Division Multiplexing is that each task is assigned a designated slot of time for performing it. So basically what a processor does in an multi-threading or multi-tasking environment is that in one......lets assume, nanosec, it performs one task, then another in the following nanosec and so on and so forth. However, at the outset, the end user feels that the processor is performing, solely the task which he has asked it to do. The arrogant (or should we say ignorant?) user, thus presumes with audacity, that the processor is a single-tasking device dedicated only for his whims and no one else's.

Now comes my wierd analogy!! Humor me , if you will !!!

The so called "abstract" conscience is alive. A means and an end in itself. What for centuries, people have been wondering is the driving force that is responsible for the creation and sustenance of life,...is a single enigmatic entity, the CONSCIENCE.

A single entity? How so you ask? Well maybe the Conscience is that processor which is persistently multi-tasking, the only differnce being that the array of tasks of the OS are now represented by every know human being in the world. It is acting with respect to one person for only a given period of time. Then it "jumps" to the next and so and so forth.

Feel free at this stage to laugh, shrug my arrogance of comparison and then eventually ponder over the aforementioned.

Thus , if we get down to a strictest approximation possible, no two people make a morally right decision at the same time. So when the Conscience is acting as the Purgatory in one person's mind, and if perchance it happens that in that minuscule of a fraction of a second, another person needs to make a moral decision.............he can't !!

Thus he goes morally wrong,....just like a signal attenuates or distorts without proper checksums. The CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) method is busy running its alogorithm in someone else's mind.

Hence, as is evident in Real Time, there are more moral Wrongs commited than moral Rights, explaining the current state of affairs of the World.

This analogy will also explain why sometimes making a certain moral decision is 'difficult'. The conscience is obviously not in our mind, although neurotic-pulses have already been sent asking for the Conscience's control.
Without the Conscience the brain is nothing but a CPU filled with co-processors. Without the main processors, they will just perform the mechanical functions like math operations.

At this stage, I'm pretty sure you can imagine a few more analogies about the Conscience and the Processor, such as prority logic, speed updation , etc. If not,...think about it !!!

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