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The Ambience - raseel

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September 11th, 2006

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10:55 am - The Ambience
Friday, January 30, 2004

It�s cold���.. Harsh, coarse, rugged cold !!!
The sensations are obviously manifold!!
A thousand needles blunted and trained not to hurt the most-sensitive fabric. An experience, encapsulating constant waves of that addictive harshness. The cold is not an imagination. It�s a part of the ambience.

The time of the day would befuddle even those who haven�t slept. Dusk it can be,�. Dawn, a distinct possibility, ��..a cloudy afternoon isn�t too far fetched either!!
The lights are surrounded only by the naked penumbra. They break the wavelengths into countless scattered but na�ve children. The halo is nothing less of divinity.

The smell�ahh the unforgettable olfactory experience!!! It is not everyday that one can actually smell the universe�.. Smell the soul!!
The warm exhale on the upper lip is enough to kindle a thousand fires.

The distant discussions of the birds are almost inaudible. The footsteps on gravel (oh that mind-bogglingly beautiful sound!!!), over-shadow them. It�s hard to differentiate the waves from the metaphoric ones!!

The surroundings are so nakedly inept, they resemble a truth��.of the naked kind.
But the vivid intricacies terminate the misleading!!

It�s almost vulgar to assume serenity in these conditions�. to build an impenetrable fortress with neither intention nor content. But the sin is quite understandable, not to mention pardonable.

This, I proclaim, is the time when the mythical SELF unleashes itself. It�s an unforgiving experience.
Perversions of truth,�..(or any versions for that matter) , do not exist in these moments. A perfect ambience cannot tolerate imperfections, baring exceptions to none.

The expectoration begins���������������������It ends.

Retribution was never sought as passionately as now !!

The vulgarity is gloriously untouched, if not empowered. It is embellished forthwith only by its vanity.

Silence��and not a moment too soon !

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