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Sounds (Part 1) - raseel

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August 22nd, 2006

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01:05 am - Sounds (Part 1)
This was an Entry in one of my earlier Blogs, but I like it so much I decided I'm gonna migrate and continue it here.

Sounds (Part 1)The first things I would like to bring to your notice is that, whilst you are reading this BLOG, mentally you are actually "listening" to it being read out to you. Subtlety at its very best, I say !!
Sound and Silence! The line of demarcation according to me is so fine that one often tends to mix one with the other. The proverbial “deafening silence” is hence not as metaphoric as you think.
But enough comparison of the two. Lets just discuss the former.

The clatter of rain drops on window panes (or on anything, for that matter), the whooshing of the crops or leaves on a farm, the incessant waves, a cool breeze or an unseen bird cooing to its own self in darkness of the early morning dawn. Attempting to tell you the sheer beauty of all these sonic phenomena is as unnecessary as trying to explain how wet water is. So these obvious occurrences are not included in the scope of this essay.

The sounds I want to divert your attention to are about the other unsung actions. These sounds, are transient in nature. They are not the types which you can enjoy for hours on end. They do not exist for hours, some, not even a few seconds. But yet, when you realize their existence, which most of us subconsciously do, the effect is highly soothing to the brain. Of course, not many will agree to my choices of “beautiful sounds”, but that’s just going to be their first instinctive reaction.
Its going to be really difficult to pen down the description of the sounds, but I’m hoping the what might be left incomplete in words will be fulfilled by your memory and imagination.

One of my top favorites is the dry, acrid sound your lips make, in conjunction with the smoke, while inhaling a cigarette puff on a dry night. The drier the lips and the ambience in general, the more spectacular is the sound.

Then there is the sound of shoes while walking on a gravel path. The clinking and the clacking produce a mixture of tones, that is simple irreproducible.

And then how could I forget the sound we so often hear in sci-fi movies, of all the gadgetry opening or closing. The really low, high-pitch sound of technology itself, complemented only by the sudden jerky stop. If it’s a hydraulic machine, the sound is only but embellished.

How about the sound of destruction then? Not the usual breaking or exploding of things. Those come in Category 1, the obviously beautiful ones. I wish to bring to attention the sound of fire. Especially a paper burning. Not with high crackles and bursts of spark, but slow, patient, inevitable burning. This sound is fine, that many may be misled into thinking either that no such sound exists or that it is the sound of paper crumpling up before burning. I would advise a re-inspection.

As long as we are talking about destruction on such a fin level, let us also pay out tribute to bubbles bursting. Though it is possible to ape a bubble popping, I think you should remember that it can only be done on a much higher decibel level. A soap bubble bursting is inimitable.

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