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The OpenSourceDeal - raseel

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July 17th, 2006

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02:33 am - The OpenSourceDeal
I'm dedicating this article in trying to explain what the Big Deal is, in The OpenSourceDeal.
The OpenSourceDeal. Or as Tejas(my partner in crime) likes to call it, The OpenSourceDeal.com.
This is the name of our very first business venture !!!

Through this venture, we want to provide Open Source Software to the people of India.
By Open Source Software, we mean the entire gamut of Softwares.
Right from Linux Distributions, to Linux Games, to Linux Applications, to non-Linux Open Source Distributions like the BSD flavours, to open source Software for the Windoze platform.

What I dream of is a time when no one will have to think twice before BUYING an Open Source Software. A time when even the 15-17 year olds can easily lay their hands on the Linux flavour of their choice.

Why do all this ?
I think the primary reason is personal vendetta. Against whom ? Against helplessness of not having a choice. A state I abhor almost as much as I detest pity.
I remember, a Linux newbie, being laughed upon for not knowing that there were more than two (RedHat and Mandrake) distributions existing in my then finite Universe.

From that day till the not very distant past, I found it extremely difficult to get Linux CDs. Call it ignorance of mailing lists or dearth of geek friends, the fact remains that I could have done with a walk-in store for Open Source Software.

So, with resolve to present a choice and this itch in the posterior part of my torso to start a business venture of my own gave birth to The OpenSourceDeal.

Though this idea had been lingering in mind for more than six months now, I somehow, behooving to my gentility, kept procrastinating actually going ahead and starting it.

So, finally here we are.
Its up and running and I already have a client.

I have huge plans for it. Plans for expansion in a manner that people have never thought about Open Source Software.
All in good time, mate ... all in good time !!!

My first and foremeost concern, is to provide quality service to my customers. Make them feel relaxed about getting hold of OSS Distributions. "Hey , FreeBSD 7.0 is out. Looks Delicious. Gotta check opensourcedeal.com as soon as I get to a PC and get it." Thats what I want my customers to think.

"Yaaawn... Sunday morning rules.... Lemme see what these OpenSourceDeal guys have for me this weekend... DreamLinux.... Looks good... oh well.. click click.. There I got me one of those"

I plan to glut the Indian market with OSS. With less than 5% Indian Software Engineers out there, the world is already sitting up and taking notice. Once EVERYONE (every aspiring SE) has access to the software, I can't see what could stop India from becoming the premier destination for quality software in ALL fields.

So, Let the World Beware !!! The Open Source Deal has been set loose in India !!!

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